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About Us

Established since 1982, Lian Sheng PVC Fabrication Co. has grown with the primary aim to provide specialized PVC fabrication services and manufacturing of PVC long bends in-house. We are also engaged in the import and export of PVC fittings, and sales distribution of quality construction building materials used in electrical, telecommunications, sanitary and plumbing sectors. In our pursuit of excellence for products & services innovation, we also place emphasis on cost effectiveness and service efficiency. Our strong belief in providing quality products also brings about continuous product research and development.

We market our products under our own brand SENCO™ besides carrying other brands as well. We work with manufacturing operations both locally and overseas - for instance, China, Indonesia, Malaysia, Europe, Japan and etc. By understanding the needs and requirements of our customers, we are also able to offer our technical assistance and solutions.

Our top priorities are the success and satisfaction of our customers. Let us empower your business today.

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